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My Design! Signature Coaching Programs are for You!

Each Life…by Design!℠ Signature Coaching Program, informed by my Coaching as a Healing Practice℠ philosophy and methodology, has been carefully, lovingly, and Soul-fully created to take you on a journey of self-healing, reclamation, redefinition, action, and manifestation that is uniquely tailored to your life experience and the specific goals you have for the change, transformation, and evolution of your life and work you desire, as you Create & Live YOUR ideal Life…by Design!

With each Life…by Design!℠ Signature Coaching Program you will receive:

  • Two, 60-min coaching calls per month (by phone for U.S.-based clients; by Skype for international clients)

  • Unlimited email access during the coaching program

  • Access to the Life…by Design!℠ Community Facebook Page

  • The Life…by Design!℠ eNewsletter

  • Recordings of all coaching calls

  • Advanced Notice of future Life…by Design!℠ webinars, online courses, programs, products, and/or live events with Priority Access for early-bird registration and discount pricing


Life…by Design!℠ Program Level 1: Getting Started/Making Progress


This program is specifically for you if you are anticipating, or are in the midst of, a significant personal, professional, life, and/or health & wellness transition and are seeking support in successfully navigating those changes in order to create next life and/or career chapters that are meaningfully aligned with: your values and passions; your innate wisdom and authentic power; who you are today; what you want your life to be moving forward; how you want to show up for yourself; and where you want to go next in your life personally and/or professionally. This program is particularly for you if: a) you need support in breaking through barriers that may be keeping you stuck; and/or identifying, and taking action toward, what your most desired ‘next’ is; OR b) you have identified a specific goal that will take you into your ‘next’ chapter; are clear on what you want to accomplish; but need support in getting started, making progress, and/or taking those final steps toward achieving your goal.

This is a 4 month coaching program with 2 coaching sessions per month.




Life…by Design!℠ Program Level 2:

For Soul-driven Entrepreneurs


This program is designed specifically for you if you aspire to create a business that honors you and your unique gifts; aligns with your values, purpose, and passions; offers a service or product to others that has deep meaning for you; is an authentic reflection of who you are and the ways in which you desire to show up for yourself in your own life, as well as in and for the world; and will allow you to live your life on purpose with greater meaning, deeper impact, and more fulfillment. OR, you are currently a small business owner or solo-preneur seeking to refine/re-focus/re-energize, grow, transform, and/or evolve your business by reconnecting to your original purpose; getting back to the underlying ‘why’ of your entrepreneurial aspirations – the deeper purpose of service and impact that inspired you to create your business in the first place – and allow that to spark the necessary innovations and identify the new directions you want to take with your company in order for your business to progress purposefully and meaningfully as you lead the transition of your business into its next evolutionary chapter. This program is particularly for you if your entrepreneurial aspirations are deeply rooted in a holistic vision and purpose you have for yourself, your life, and the transformative impact you want to have in and for the world.

This is a 5 month coaching program with 2 coaching sessions per month.





Life…by Design!℠ Program Level 3:

For Soul-full Leaders


This coaching program is designed specifically for you if you are in the role of organizational and/or community leadership (i.e., executive directors, CEOs, directors, emerging/aspiring leaders, etc.) and you desire a more holistic, individualized, Soul-aligned, and Divine Feminine-inspired approach to developing and applying your leadership skills; transforming leadership challenges into strengths; and/or identifying, developing, and actualizing your own personal, values-driven, individual leadership plan. This program is particularly for you if you are a leader seeking a comprehensive approach to your leadership development and application. This program emphasizes a leadership approach that is rooted in the principles of servant and transformational leadership, encompasses the 6 Essential Practices of a Soul-Full Leader℠, and integrates your: innate wisdom; personal values; authentic power; work-life balance; overall health & wellness; and values alignment, integrity, consistency, and authenticity – all within the context of powerfully applying your own unique brand of ‘leadership as a way of being’ to achieving your definition of success as a Soul-full leader, and to the impact and success of the organizations and/or communities you serve.

This is a 5 month coaching program with 2 coaching sessions per month.




Life…by Design!℠ Program Level 4:

The Comprehensive


This coaching program is designed for you if you are truly ready to make a significant commitment to your overall personal and professional development, health & wellness, life advancement, and spiritual evolution in order to unleash your potential, advance your life, and evolve your spirit. This is a comprehensive and holistic, whole-life, mind~body~spirit coaching program uniquely designed to meet your specific needs in order to address issues around: breaking through barriers (internal and external); moving from ‘stuck’ to ‘forward motion;’ recognizing habits of thinking and ways of being that no longer serve you, breaking those patterns, and effectively developing new ones that honor and support who you are today and the life you want to create as you  move forward; powerful decision-making and action-taking; goal identification,  planning, and achievement; and with conscious intention, integrity and consistency, align with your values as you actively live from the core power of your authentic self. As a comprehensive and holistic coaching program, you will engage in a process of deep self-discovery, self-healing, and self-mastery. You will actively work to establish an overall life of intentional balance, powerful fulfillment, and meaningful purpose; one that is aligned with your deepest values and passions where you redefine yourself for yourself and reclaim and live a life that is your truest reflection of your own personal wholeness, wellness, harmony, integrity, power, and authenticity.

This is an 6 month coaching program with 2 coaching sessions per month.


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