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CCCDW, LLC has a mission to bolster innovation, proven best practices, and expert clinical counseling consultation within all areas of mental and behavioral health



Our vision is to create, implement and support mental and behavioral healthcare systems capable of upholding, supporting, and maintaining client recovery.


April Crable, Ph.D., MBA, LPC, SOTP, BC-TMH, received her B.A. in Criminal Justice from Old Dominion University, received her MBA from the University of Phoenix, and received her M.A. in Professional Counseling and Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from Regent University. Dr. Crable is a Counselor Education and Family Studies professor at Liberty University. Dr. Crable has worked in mental health for almost two decades, providing services to various populations. She has been a counselor educator for over a decade.


Dr. Crable is the owner of CCCDW, LLC which provides customized consulting recommendations and training designed to maximize the performance of individuals and organizations. She is the published author of several books and peer-reviewed articles in counseling journals.


Dr. Crable has presented on the state, national, and international levels. She is also the co-founder of CliniVRSE, a virtual reality technology that develops learners’ expansive command of their clinical skills and decision-making while providing them with invivo feedback.


Dr. Crable is an appointed member of CACREP’s Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression Council and a professional reviewer for the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. She serves as an editor for Therapeutic Speakeasy Quarterly, a peer-reviewed eJournal. Dr. Crable specializes in teletherapy, crisis and trauma and counseling, substance abuse, ethics, and sex offender treatment.

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