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Consulting Services

We consult and train individuals, groups, and business, large and small, to bring efficiency to their processes in the following areas:

Executive Functioning

Jennifer McCollum is a Licensed Master Social Worker with a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling. I have over 10 years of clinical experience working with mental health issues and co-occurring disorders.


The term Executive Functioning Skills pertains to the thought process that young people utilize to stay on task in their daily lives. School-aged adolescents sometimes struggle developing these essential skills due to ADHD, anxiety, or other challenges.


Students who master executive functioning skills:

               - Are better test takers

               - More focused in and out of school

               - Enhanced learning skills

               - Enhanced time management skills

               - Enhanced critical thinking

               - Enhanced memory and studying skills

               - Enhanced organization skills

Fruition Counseling and Consulting Services is proud of the support we offer to parents with children who struggle to overcome executive functioning deficits.  


Jennifer expertly manages and facilitates groups and one-on-one sessions to enhance essential executive functioning techniques for children.  Additionally, she provides necessary support and education for parents, guardians, and professionals charged with managing students of all ages.    

Rates:  $65/hr (Individual)

          $50/hr (Group)

Mindfulness Techniques

Learn basic Mindfulness techniques, as well as how to increase your Self -Awareness and Self-Regulation skills at the same time.

Karen “Koreen” Ferguson, LMFT has been working in the field of Clinical Psychology for over 7 years and has taught Mindfulness techniques in her private practice and group workshop settings. She has also studied and practiced Vipassana Mediation with a trained Spirit Rock Meditation Center Dharma coach. One of the oldest forms of Buddhist Mindfulness practice, traced back to the Buddha himself.


*Mindfulness is a skill, that when practiced is reinforced to support living more fully and richly in the present moment. 


You will learn the following:

Session 1

- Basics of Mindfulness

- Increase awareness of thoughts

- Begin practice of Mindfulness meditation (auditory)


Session 2

- What are the 3 Basic senses?

- Increase awareness of emotions

- Mindfulness meditation practice (somatic)

- Distract from worry

- Reduce vulnerability to emotions


Session 3

- Mindfulness meditation practice (visual)

- Increase awareness of environment

- Integrating techniques, Lifestyle/Relaxation techniques


Rates:  $65/per group session (3 session minimum)

Business Consulting (B2B and B2C)

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Hi!  I’m a Senior Consultant here at Fruition Counseling and Consulting, Thomas Wilkins.  I completed my M.B.A. with an emphasis on Entrepreneurial Studies and have worked in senior leadership and management roles in higher education, learning & development, finance and sales over the past 10 years.  


I help people achieve peak performance by training them to stretch outside their comfort zone and looking for innovative ways to reach their goals.  I have a passion for adult education and training as I believe it is one way for organizations to tap into the underutilized talent inside every corner of their business.  

I’m also a self-published author, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Methodology Certified, and a Digital Marketing enthusiast.  


I’m excited to see how my skills can help you enhance your organization's performance in the following areas:

Emplo-Employee Recruitment

-- Fishing (throwing a line out and going to get any fish to bite)
-- Hunting (actively pursuing outside candidates through referrals)
-- Harvesting (developing their internal talent for roles that are in demand inside the organization)

Employee Onboarding


-- Keyhole (teaching new people very little and even treating them like an outsider

  by restricting information)
-- Binoculars (Only focusing on the far off future)
-- Telescope (the whole picture and their place in it)

Employee Development

- Lost Leaders (lack of soft skill training)
- Mis-Managers (lack of technical or job-related training)
- "No training no gaining" (without a committed and consistent strategy)
- Lost Leaders (lack of soft skill training)
- Mis-Managers (lack of technical or job-related training)
- "No training no gaining" (without committed consistent strategic results will be

  wildly inconsistent)


Rates:  Free Consultation and Estimate

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